The Airbnb Experience which allows you to walk through the streets of Downtown Nairobi

with a former Kenyan youth criminal as your personal guide

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Nai Nami is a life changing experience for travelers.

Authentic & Local – See Nairobi through the eyes of the locals. Go to places you would never visit alone. Experience the real Nairobi.

Our Guides

All of our guides are who were born and raised in the ghettos of Nairobi. They had to be criminals to survive until a few years ago .
They stole and run to escape from the police. They decided to change their lives and do this job.



The streets of Downtown are my home, where I have been raised and taught how to survive. Now it is time to share it with the world



It makes me proud seeing how I can inspire people from all over the world with my turbulent life story



Exchanging ideas and discussing about life with my guests, often leads to long-term friendships I couldn’t have made otherwise

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Hear by yourself what our previous travelers says after this life changing experience

Jon Duschinsky


“The stories you will hear will blow your mind and melt your heart. The humanity you will encounter will leave a mark on you forever. These are incredible young people and they deserve that you spend a few hours with them. And you deserve it too.”

Asha Leo


“Wow! We are on a 5 week tour, through 6 countries in Africa and this was easily the best moment of the entire trip! I truly believe a tour like this is exactly why Airbnb experiences was created. Hearing about their extraordinary lives will change you forever! ”

Neal Bledsoe


“It was an incredible day. Donga, Kissmart and Cheddaz opened our eyes to an unfiltered view of their streets and their lives. In every step, we learned the history of their lives, while adding new chapters to our own. It was a day that I will never forget. ”

Steve Rudner


“A Journey to the Heart of the Human Spirit. Equal parts mind numbing, jaw dropping and inspirational, the Nai Nami tour is much more than just a 3-hour walk through the heart of Nairobi. It's a journey to the heart of human determination. ”



“Once in a lifetime experience. Trust me, you want to do this tour. It’s an unique eye-opening experience you will never forget. These guys show you around and make you feel at home in those places a tourist would never come: downtown Nairobi. ”



“This was the highlight of my stay in Nairobi. For three hours I got to ask Kissmart, Cheddaz, and Donga all the questions I had about surviving on the streets as children, about Kenya itself, it's history, their lives, their dreams. These are three of the most incredible people you'll ever meet.”

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Taking a tour with Nai Nami does not mean just to make a cool experience for you. It means offering these people one more reason to believe that what they have chosen is the right thing.

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Our Tours are designed for varied travellers from individuals, groups of friends to family with kids to even grandmoms!

Three persons


  • Lunch included
  • Three hours duration
  • Personal Tour Guide

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Two persons


  • Lunch included
  • Three hours duration
  • Personal Tour Guide

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Who is NaiNami tour for?

Yep, it's not for everyone!